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BALLUS The International Folk Festival

Presentazione FolkloreThe Pro loco of Uta organizes, every year, with the decisive support of public bodies, private companies and sponsors, the international folk festival, called “BALLUS – International Meeting of Folklore”. Romano Massa, President of the Pro Loco and artistic director of the current festival thought it up in 2001.

Festival FolkloreThe exhibition has obtained, in few years, an unexpected success and, in spite of every expectation, it goes on, becoming a very important local activity, aimed to encourage the reciprocal acquaintance between different realities, the defence of cultural roots, the acceptance of the diversities and a policy for the peace between all the populations.
Another objective of the event is stimulating and bringing out the local economy, the monumental one and the artistic – historic one (The Shrine of Santa Maria), the tourist, craftsmanlike and agro-alimentary sectors.

The show takes place in the splendid scenery of the Shrine of Santa Maria, during the first week of August. Groups coming from the entire world participate to it; they acquaint us with their customs, dances, dresses, colours and sounds. In this way Uta is, every year, joyfully invaded by the colours of the world. Naturally, it is not easy to organize such a show.

The “behind the scenes” is hard and tiring, the members, both young and old, sacrifice everything just to offer the best hospitality to the participants and, at the same time, the best show for the numerous public that every year watch the exhibition.

The event arouses a great interest because every year VIDEOLINA (regional broadcasting station) records the show and afterwards transmits it at regional, national and international level by satellite. It is also available a synthesis in “real video” on internet.

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